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TELUS International manages the performance of 20,000 call center agents around the world with CHAMPS Analytics.

TELUS International is one of the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in the world with tens of thousands of call center agents deployed in El Salvador, Guatemala, Philippines, Romania and the United States.   Some of the world’s largest global companies like Google, American Express and others have leveraged TELUS International to offer multilingual, 24 hour call center services to customers globally.


Prior to working with CHAMPS Analytics, TELUS was spending thousands of man hours a month producing hundreds of performance based reports using spreadsheets that were distributed to their global customer base.

These reports primarily focused on Agent Performance and coaching performance for the entire organization.   Each report was customized without any standardization or governance of data resulting in time consuming and inaccurate data shared with clients.


CHAMPS Analytics developed 4 QlikView apps that pulled in data from multiple Avaya systems, several in house custom applications and  In less than 90 days all the manual efforts to generate reports were replaced with a few Qlik applications to analyze calls, chats and even email response performance.

Now TELUS has interactive analytics that allow for drilling into millions of rows of data to find answers to any question related to Agent Performance.  All the AUX codes can quickly be analyzed to see and spot any potential abuse as well as negative revenue impact.  Coaching and employee retention has been drastically improved as well.

Results and Client Value

TELUS gained the following:

  • Customer retention improved by 45%
  • Agent turnover reduced by 40%
  • $125k improvement to the bottom line in 6 months by reducing shrinkage in the schedule

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