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AGCO is one of the globe’s largest manufacturers of heavy duty farm equipment behind John Deere and Caterpillar. As a cyclical business based on global commodity prices, regulations and market conditions, AGCO needs to look into the past to predict the future for demand planning, sales and operations as they manage their vast, global dealer network.


Multiple ERP systems from global operational units made understanding the true performance of the company challenging


AGCO worked closely with CHAMPS Analytics to take the consolidated data from the various ERP systems and create and implement a BI solution using QlikView named Margin Tracker. Margin Tracker is being used by executives in the Sales and Marketing teams as the trustworthy provider of sales performance of the sales organization. With the current environmental challenges affecting the entire agricultural industry, getting a true answer to how the business is performing became even more important.

With Margin Tracker every single aspect of sales, dealers performance, models and time frames can be analyzed quickly with governed data. Margin Tracker became the trusted tool when it came to review all sales performance.

Here are a few examples of how AGCO leverages BI with Margin Tracker:

  • Multimillion dollar transactions can quickly be analyzed to determine whether proper margins are being generated based on the value and mix of products that are being sold.
  • Sales people can quickly be coached on driving higher value transactions based on the performance of their peers.
  • Dealers that drive high volume transactions at low margins are quickly identified and taught how to sell higher margin models and deliver more value to their end customers.
  • Impact Calculator functionality allows for taking all the noise out the data to offer true comparisons of any transaction by any sales rep for any product for any dealer. In seconds, deal values can be analyzed with real data without need to build complex spreadsheets with manual analysis.


With Margin Tracker, we can finally see a trusted and consolidated view of sales, margin and profitability down to the line item invoice detail by bringing in our data from several ERP systems implemented all over the world.

Brett Bowen

Manager – Mix, Margin and Market Share

Results & Client Value

AGCO gained the following by implementing Qlik while working with CHAMPS Analytics:

  • 100% trust in the numbers – there is only one version of the truth
  • Improved coaching of the veteran sales organization
  • Dealer network has reduced discounting which is driving higher performance
  • ROI on this project was delivered in 6 weeks