Data is the new currency.

CHAMPS Analytics partners with the leading Business Intelligence providers to build high performance data and analytics solutions.

Powerful Data Visualizations

Real-Time Dashboard Views

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Data-Driven Opportunities

Whether your data resides in vast data lakes, an enterprise system, POS, ERP, CMMS, CRM, online or even in an analyst’s Excel spreadsheet or database – we deliver the tools and expertise to quickly consolidate your data and obtain quick cost effective results.

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Maximize your value

Our team of trusted advisors will work with you from initial consultation to maximize the power of your data analytics solution. All services are designed to support you through the entire process for outstanding outcomes.

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Strategic Enterprise BI Architecture

Many BI solutions are built on data warehouses that are not properly designed to support reporting and analytics. When deploying a BI solution our team will design an Enterprise BI Architecture to maximize the potential of your data visualization / data discovery tool of your choice.


Improving Performance

Being able to visually communicate real-time performance data in easy to read graphics allows anyone to quickly assess a situation and act upon it immediately.

The bottom line is to leverage your data in a way that improves business and operational performance for your company.

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