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Arizona Public Service Powers Up with CHAMPS Analytics TaskView™

APS is Arizona’s largest electric company providing power to nearly 4 million customers in 4 states. To meet the ongoing demand for power, APS depends on three massive units comprising the Palo Verde Generating Station responsible for generating 3,810 megawatts of electricity. Unplanned downtime must be avoided as the cost associated per occurrence is nearly $2 million in lost revenue per day.

APS was struggling with regulatory compliance. As a result, they were not able to be consistent in showing statuses on all work being performed.

APS partnered with CHAMPS Analytics and implemented CHAMPS TaskView using Qlik. A flight screen in the APS outage control center displays all jobs in a dashboard view with color codes to indicate various status levels. Now APS uses Qlik to see real-time, chronological views of all scheduled work.

Qlik has helped APS supervisors and management personnel to view information related to specific tasks, schedules, and resources to determine if a specific action needs to be taken. As a result they:

  • Trust their work schedule
  • Have huge cost reductions by completing scheduled tasks on time and within budget
  • Have increased efficiencies by adhering to planned, scheduled and executed work.


“With CHAMPS TaskView in place, we now have a better focus on schedule compliance and more discipline to the overall outage process. This is what drives outage compliance for all equipment maintenance. Without the system, we would have a tremendous challenge on our hands.”

Mark Johnson

Control Room Supervisor, APS

Results & Client Value


  • 100% trust in the work schedule
  • Cost reductions by completing scheduled tasks on time and within budgets
  • Increased efficiencies by adhering to planned, scheduled and executed work


  • A trusted schedule for outage management
  • Instant views of work statuses to determine any required action
  • Fine-tuning capabilities at any detail level to quickly make schedule adjustments
  • Assurance of completing outages on-time and within compliance mandates