Talen Energy & CHAMPS Analytics

Talen Energy is embarking on a transformation to decarbonize our plants and invest in new opportunities in renewable energy, energy storage, data centers, and digital coin. Talen Energy operates the Susquehanna Nuclear power plant in Berwick, PA.

Talen Energy was struggling with overspending on spare parts and components during their planned maintenance outages. This resulted in duplicate orders and over ordering of various parts and materials that were needed during the outage.  

They needed better visibility of their warehouse inventory and open orders for additional materials to complete the work on time.

Talen Energy partnered with CHAMPS Analytics to deploy Qlik. This allowed them to:

  • Pull in data from their ERP and supplier systems to give the project schedulers and work management team real-time updates
  • Have visibility of their inventory of spare parts and components
  • Saved over 250k in their first outage after deploying CHAMPS Analytics solution

CHAMPS Analytics has helped Talen Energy greatly reduce their spending on unnecessary components. As a result they don't purchase items they don't need and their warehouse performs more efficiently.