UPM & CHAMPS Analytics implement Qlik

United Performance Metals (UPM) is a specialty metals solutions center serving customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, defense, space, fastener, medical, power generation, oil and gas, semiconductor, and many others.

UPM was struggling to manage the contract compliance with their customers who were not placing orders based on contract schedule. This resulted in expensive, high performance metal products being purchased and stored in warehouses, and not per client contracts.

UPM Partnered with CHAMPS Analytics to deploy Qlik. One Qlik application pulls in data from an ERP system, Inventory System and a Contract Management system that allows for a complete view of all the contracts and compliance.

CHAMPS Analytics and Qlik has helped UPM to:

  • Predict with ease which customers will have excess product
  • Help their customers by selling that product to another customer, keeping them in compliance
  • Warehouse costs have been reduced by 17%
  • Sales have increased by 12% within the first year of deploying Qlik