Our clients have seen dramatic differences in their operational performance after implementing a CHAMPS Analytics tool that worked for them. Being able to visually communicate real-time performance data in easy to read graphics allows anyone to quickly assess a situation and act upon it immediately. Changes in business conditions are displayed for deep dive analysis or routine reviews. The bottom line is to leverage your data in a way that improves business and operational performance for your company. We invite you to review how these clients have made that happen:

Crider Foods

Crider Foods partners with CHAMPS Analytics to get real-time analytics and reports

“Qlik really is affecting every level of our company. It is changing our culture. Previously, there was at least a week delay in consuming the data generated from production. There were tons of inconsistencies and errors, and it was too late to really figure out why. Now, with live info, we can immediately address problems. Now we can finally trust our data as we see it." - Joshua Poole, Director of Purchasing and ERP at Crider Foods


EPRI delivers the Nuclear Promise Initiative with CHAMPS Analytics to drive cost savings in Preventative Maintenance strategies to better compete with natural gas in the nuclear power industry

“By partnering with CHAMPS Analytics we are now able to solve the hardest data analytics problems for the entire industry. Never before can could we give each utility a one stop shop to analyze their PM data and performance and while also allowing each utility to compare and contrast their spending patterns against their peers. By providing the analytics powered by Qlik, we are projecting tens of millions of dollars in savings across the entire US fleet of nuclear reactors." - Jeff Greene, EPRI Senior Technical Leader


The nuclear industry is facing cost pressures due the cheap, abundant natural gas.

Arizona Public Service

Arizona Public Service Powers Up with CHAMPS Analytics TaskView™

“The biggest issue for us is regulatory compliance. We have to be consistent in showing statuses on all work being performed, which means being able to demonstrate that the right things are being done at the right time – at all times.” - Mark Johnson, Control Room Supervisor, APS

APS is Arizona’s largest electric company providing power to nearly 4 million customers in 4 states. To meet the ongoing demand for power, APS depends on three massive units comprising the Palo Verde Generating Station responsible for generating 3,810 megawatts of electricity. Unplanned downtime must be avoided as the cost associated per occurrence is nearly $2 million in lost revenue per day.


Schedule adherence to outage management for tasks, resources and safety related equipment.


AGCO drives business performance with CHAMPS Analytics Margin Tracker

“With Margin Tracker, we can finally see a trusted and consolidated view of sales, margin and profitability down to the line item invoice detail by bringing in our data from several ERP systems implemented all over the world.” – Brett Bowen, Manager – Mix, Margin and Market Share

AGCO is one of the globe’s largest manufacturers of heavy duty farm equipment behind John Deere and Caterpillar. As a cyclical business based on global commodity prices, regulations and market conditions, AGCO needs to look into the past to predict the future for demand planning, sales and operations as they manage their vast, global dealer network.


Multiple ERP systems from global operational units made understanding the true performance of the company challenging.

TELUS International

TELUS International manages the performance of 20,000 call center agents around the world with CHAMPS Analytics.

TELUS International is one of the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in the world with tens of thousands of call center agents deployed in El Salvador, Guatemala, Philippines, Romania and the United States. Some of the world’s largest global companies like Google, American Express and others have leveraged TELUS International to offer multilingual, 24 hour call center services to customers globally.


Prior to working with CHAMPS Analytics, TELUS was spending thousands of man hours a month producing hundreds of performance based reports using spreadsheets that were distributed to their global customer base.

These reports primarily focused on Agent Performance and coaching performance for the entire organization. Each report was customized without any standardization or governance of data resulting in time consuming and inaccurate data shared with clients.

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