To maximize the power of your data analytics solution, our team of trusted advisors will work with you from initial consultation to live use to ensure a successful project. All services are designed to support you through the entire process with logical steps of progression so that you can maintain ongoing and outstanding outcomes.
Strategic Enterprise BI Architecture
  • Many BI solutions are built on data warehouses that are not properly designed to support reporting and analytics.
  • When deploying a BI solution our team will design an Enterprise BI Architecture to maximize the potential of your data visualization / data discovery tool of your choice.
Dashboard Design and Visualization Development - Best practices
  • You should expect your BI solution to be both beautiful in design and functional at the same time. Our clients like to not only answer the first question that comes to mind, but also answer the next question, and the next, etc. by engaging themselves in using the applications to quickly find answers and discover insights in their business.
  • Our definition of success is when the user community enthusiastically grows and asks for more analytics because of the easy to use applications that we build for them.
Data Modeling and Optimization
  • Properly designed data models are essential to high performance with your analytics solutions.
  • Our skilled resources have the expertise to work with complex data structures from multiple data sources to properly build scalable data models.
ETL and Scripting
  • Data blending is the art of bringing data together and organizing it in a manner that can be used for high performance analytics. We have used Alteryx as well as Qlik’s embedded ETL tools to “glue all the data together” and organize it into a compact data model
Rescue Projects
  • Having over 10 years of experience working with the leading technologies, we have developed a reputation of helping customers succeed when their projects did not go originally as planned.
  • We have been brought into several existing customers who wanted a fresh second chance at success with their BI initiatives.
  • Our philosophy is to give our customers the same foundation level training that we ourselves go through to earn our various certifications.
  • Customers deserve the same level of training so they can take ownership of their solutions as they gain experience.
Post Implementation Support
  • All our customers are supported with various options where our team provides post implementation support. Whether its a few hours a week, block time arrangements are pre-planned in advance – we can support your implementation remotely or by coming onsite.
Remember, even the fastest Ferrari requires a routine oil change to maintain top performance standards.

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