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Services TeamTo maximize the power of your analytics software solution, our team will work with you from initial consultation to live use to ensure a successful project. All services are designed to support you through the entire process with logical steps of progression centered on optimizing your analytics software solution.


CHAMPS Analytics provides expert business intelligence and data analytics consulting that help clients leverage data and turn it into actionable insight.

  • CHAMPS Analytics works as a collaborative partner with all its prospects and customers.
  • Employing the consultative approach, we ask clients insightful questions to identify business challenges and goals.
  • The requirements for the analytics solutions are then gathered to develop an appropriate project scope.
  • Next, we develop and deliver an analytics solution that results in tangible competitive advantages.

Services training


Our team of instructors has extensive expertise with a practical knowledge transfer approach for all training situations. Each training staff member understands the diversity of customer needs and how to maintain a flexible curriculum that works effectively for each case. The core CHAMPS Analytics training program focuses on system functionality, administrative aspects and business analysis. We often customize training courses for specific jobs or tasks as required by our customers.


A clearly defined implementation approach is developed specifically for your project to ensure all aspects and considerations are addressed. The following phases form the basis for our implementation plans:


As one of the most important implementation phases, this step is where the project scope is defined and finalized to include necessary preparatory and planning activities. Considerable interaction takes place between the project sponsor, client roles, and consultant roles during this phase to determine expectations and outcomes. Proper completion of this phase helps make sure that the project outcome satisfies stakeholder expectations throughout the lifecycle of the project.


The requirements phase provides the framework for architecting, designing, and constructing the solution. The activities within this phase form the basis for informed decision making. Completion of this phase makes sure that the requirements are accurate and achievable.


The architecture phase helps create a technical foundation on which the BI applications and solutions are built. All interfaces between the information delivery and data processes are well-defined and documented.


The purpose of the analysis phase is to complete data analysis upfront, establishing a clear vision of the work from the perspective of data movement; and to address what needs to get done in business terms, regardless of the technology deployed.


The purpose of a well-managed design phase is to produce design documents with sufficient specificity to allow the project team to perform the code development during the next phase of construction.


In the construction phase, we produce a physical solution, develop, and unit test the information delivery and database code. Our developers build and test the solution to make sure it meets all known requirements. Leveraging a prototype method, in close cooperation with business team members, our developers verify that critical components of the solution are met.

Testing and Acceptance

Upon the completion of the construction phase, the BI solution is formally transferred to an independent testing group for further testing and validation. The testing phase is comprised of three testing activities: Integration Test, System Test, and User Acceptance Test. The methodology demands that all tests be conducted according to test and acceptance plans created during the earlier test and deployment preparation.


The deployment phase focuses on activities necessary to transfer the BI solution from the development stage to the production stage. This is where we conduct formal end-user training, configuration management, and data certification as the solution migrates into the production environment.


In this phase, we ensure that the BI solution is sustainable by supporting and monitoring all aspects of the solution utilization. A successful BI solution will see its usage continue to expand. Even if no new data is added, new users will come on due to the success of the initial release; existing users will find new, more complex use for the existing data; and the business intelligence applications will expand features as super-users emerge from the user population.


As the system goes 'live', we will provide technical and user support to address any issues that may arise. Annual support is available at the time of software purchase to provide product updates, address any technical issues and resolve any problems should those occur. Maintenance agreements are designed to ensure you receive the most from your analytics solution by addressing situations expeditiously to maximize your software performance.

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